About the Owners

In 1946, Alberto and Pauline Vargas came penniless to Michigan. Mr. Alberto Vargas with only a second grade education was in search for employment. Alberto and Pauline believed there was a great deal of work in the sugar beets, which is a farm field work. After a few days, Mr. Vargas found employment in Saginaw’s General Motor Central Foundry Corporation. Mrs. Vargas eventually found employment at a Bakery called the “Vasquez Mexican Bakery”.


In 1962, Alberto & Pauline Vargas and Frank & Rose Castillo (Pauline’s sister and brother-in-law) purchase the Vasquez business. Frank & Rose Castillo decide to get out of the business and sold their portion to Alberto & Pauline. Alberto and Pauline with all the hard earned savings they both attained be came sole owners. Great perseverance and faith in God, Mr. Vargas drove all over Michigan in just his station wagon to deliver “Vargas Tortillas”. It was very hard, because he could not get corn to make the dough (masa). Though local competition tried to drive him out of business by lowering their prices, Mr. Vargas was determined to succeed.


As time went by, Mr. Vargas’s daily frustration was that, he could not make enough corn tortillas, to keep up with demand on old equipment, nor, could he afford new equipment. Again he dismissed his problems and persevered in good faith.

Many mid-Michigan stores and restaurants begin to purchase tortillas from Vargas Tortillas for the quality and great taste. People eventually’ came from out of state to seek this great taste. Patrons ship tortillas to their families’ in states as far as Alabama and Texas.

Business Blooming

Vargas Tortilla Factory has been an ever thriving success for 49 years. This tortilla industry has grown by 10 percent to 15 percent for each of the last 15 years. Vargas Tortillas’ produces about 1000 tortillas a day. They now have a semi-new tortilla machine, and are at a new location. Vargas Tortillas is one of many hundreds of small businesses that make this type of industry.